About SATA

Skygaze Academy of Traditional Astrology (SATA), founded by famous traditional astrologer Cecily Han, is the only Traditional Astrology school in Chinese society and strives to be the "Guardian of Traditiona Astrology.” SATA combines systematic teaching approaches with professional publications of traditional astrology. At the same time, it cultivates professional astrology talents, trains its own team of professional teacher, and cooperates with foreign renowned scholars to jointly create a high-quality teaching group and to explore its resources throughout the world.

SATA courses

Students can enjoy the benefits of both full online learning and regular offline instructions. A workshop assistant teacher is also present to follow up on the completion of homework so that a certificate of completion can be awarded once the students have completed the main course.


Recommened books

In 2017, SATA published a book on astrology for the purpose of attracting readers' interest and investment in classical astrology, as well as affirming astrology's value among the public.


Instructors and assistants of the core curriculum primarily teach and develop curriculum and interpret astrology from multiple perspectives.